We run four age specific classes for under 3's. 4 - 12 months, 12 - 18 months, 18 - 24 months and 24 - 36 months. Currently, all of these classes run on a Saturday afternoon.

Our teachers have a specialist qualification in Adult and Child swimming from the ASA.

The cost of classes include your child and up to 2 responsible adults per session.





Under 3's will work towards either a Discovery Duckling, or a Duckling award. All babies and children will receive a sticker chart to record their progress towards these awards.

Splashabout Baby Wraps and Happy Nappies

Splashabout Baby Wraps and Happy Nappies

Splashabout Baby Wraps and Happy Nappies


We are excited to be able to offer the Splashabout Baby Wraps and Happy Nappies at a much reduced rate to the RRP. Even though the pool is warm we recommend that our smaller participants wear a baby wrap to help them to enjoy the full 30 minute session.

You can buy them from us at the pool.


Splashabout Baby Wraps and Happy Nappies

Splashabout Baby Wraps and Happy Nappies


All of our lessons take place at the King Edmund School in Rochford. We believe in providing clean and effective areas for baby changing and so have invested heavily in full size portable changing tables. We also have changing mats for your use and a large waterproof playmat in both changing rooms to keep little people off of the floor when changing or when you are changing. 



Do I have to be in the water with my child?

Yes, all under 3's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Do I have to be able to swim to accompany my child?

No. As long as you are happy to be in shallow water and are able to support your child. Teachers are in the water to guide you. Also, adult back floats are available should you wish to use one.

Can a different adult accompany my child on each week?

Yes, however we recommend that the responsible adults accompanying your child remain as constant as possible so your child feels secure in the session.

Where do I change my child?

Currently, we do not have unisex changing rooms. Adults must use the correct gender changing room but under 3's can use either changing room. Equally, the baby changing tables and mats can be taken into either changing room. Alternatively, under 3's may be changed on poolside should you wish to change your child together.

Is there somewhere to dispose of nappies?

No. Please take your nappies home with you.

Is the water warm?

The water is above the recommended temperature for under 3's, sitting mostly at a very comfy 32 degrees. The water temperature is checked regularly and if it is deemed to be too cold, the session will not go ahead. We recommend using a baby wrap to ensure your baby stays comfortable for the full 30 minute session. Older babies and toddlers may find it too warm to wear one. These can be purchased from us at a reduced rate alongside Happy Nappies, Happy Nappy costumes and Splash Jammers.

Do I need to bring arm bands or other aids?

No. For most of the session, aids will not be needed as children will be supported by their adult. As children begin to gain their independence, aids may be used. At this point, the swim school has a range of swimming aids that will be available for your child to use. 

Will my child be submerged during the lesson?

Kingfishers believes in CHILD LED submersion. This means that we will NOT be forcibly placing your child under the water. After lots of research, we do not believe that forcibly submerging a young child has any benefits for the child's swimming journey. We will encourage the child to be at ease with water being on the face, and eventually encourage the child to place their own face into the water when they are happy to do so. Please see our submersion policy.